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  • @cs_photography
  • Model: Tyley Burkin
  • Model: Cherryboomb
  • Model: Cherry Boomb
  • @cs_photography
@cs_photography Paisley Stage
@cs_photography cs_photography
Model: Tyley Burkin
Model: Cherryboomb @cs_photography
Model: Cherry Boomb Cherry Boomb Productions
@cs_photography Paisley Stage

Bioexorcist Communication Button set

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About Us:

Welcome Ghouls and Gals

We are Kat and Jamie. We are Tees From The Crypt! A Napier based family owned and operated business with a passion for all that encompasses old school horror. 

Kat's love for horror hit her as a young teen when she discovered Return of the Living Dead and Tales from the Crypt. Jamie's ghoulish ways started when he first watched Mad Monster Party as a kid. 

The backbone behind this company is a lifelong love for classic horror movies and sharing that with all of Aotearoa. 

Our mission is to infect you all with our passion for horror. Sharing is scaring!

We aim to bring you the best brands from around the globe, affordably in a one stop shop. Delivery to your door from just $5.